Terra Incógnita

This proposal attempts to realize the transcendental journey of Jose Saramago’s novel “The Tale of the Unknown Island”, and the influences of Portuguese literature on the search for oneself and the unknown, in the spirit of discovery and creativity. The proposal evokes a journey to an unexplored territory of architecture that aspires to operate beyond conventional building practices.
The materials of stone and steel were chosen to compliment each other, and the design exploited each one’s characteristics, creating a multitude of spatial and sensory experiences throughout.
The project alludes to Portugal’s rich history of commerce, while pointing towards future achievements.
The proposal consists of the construction of a large “boat of stone” as inspired by Saramago’s tale that will “moor” at various public events, and hold a variety of events within. By interweaving a narrative with innovative fabrication techniques, it aims to become an inspirational approach towards a future of new territories and discoveries to come.

Proposta de curadoria: Terra Incógnita

Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Structure: Steel cantilever
Use: Public pavilion