SYNTHetiscapes is a sustainable initiative investigating the development of adaptable structures able to fulfill Green Roof requirements by weaving physical and biological processes into a self-sufficient ecosystem. The project is located on top of The Flat, a residential development in downtown Los Angeles combining rental units with an dynamic public programming and a ground floor restaurant. The Rooftop Garden consists of a suspended corrugated metal blanket forming a series of green channels or plow lines. An alternating series of hard and soft surface treatments weave together a fertile ground for the production of edible species and a unique series of platforms and seating spaces overlooking the downtown skyline to the east and the extensive Los Angeles horizon towards the south. Each plow-line channel accommodates an engineered growth medium, much less dense than natural soil in order to minimize dead loads, and an automatic drip irrigation system.

Location: Los Angeles, California
Structure: Folded skin
Use: Rooftop garden